about me

Born and raised in Southern California Brandi Taylor began developing her dancing skills at the tender age of 4. With a spark for dance, she became versatile in a range of styles including Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, African, and Ballet just to name a few. She excelled in her craft during high school as the cheer and song leader captain behind many of the choreographed performances for her dance team. Her spark turned into flame when she went on to extend her training at Paul Kennedy Dance Studio and training under influential instructors and choreographers that proved paramount to her development as a dancer. With these experiences fueling her drive, Brandi pushed further and was tapped to dance background for various artists, venues, and programs. She found her niche in her creative abilities with choreographing and rose to the level of artistic director of numerous shows. Now currently pursuing her career as a professional dancer, she is sharing her gift by leading upcoming dancers and dance enthusiasts as a GROOV3 Master Trainer/Instructor, Hip-Hop Dance teacher/Co-Director of 2wisted Elegance L.A and Tantrum. Through dance, Brandi wishes to become a role model and hopes to break the societal norm about how dancers should look, “We all come in many shapes and sizes, but we all love to do one thing…and that’s DANCE!!!”-Brandi Taylor